Product Development

SVI takes a two-pronged approach to product development in both the Basics and Fashion categories. Armed with information on the latest fashion trends and a deep knowledge of what will sell at retail, our experienced design team is highly qualified to meet our clients’ constant need for new products. We utilize many resources to offer clients a wide assortment of options. Our goal is to provide custom-tailored programs that meet our clients’ needs and satisfy their consumer.


With basics being one of the drivers of our industry, SVI continually reinvents these programs, to ensure their continued success. Often termed “basics with a twist” SVI incorporates elements of newness and design creating updated looks and more desirable appearances.


It’s not easy to have an eye for the next hot jewelry fashion trend. It is even harder to see the trend and get product to market before fickle “fashionistas” have moved on. Our fast-to-market business model gives you on-trend, collection-based ensembles that sparkle with newness, color and style. Our overriding goal is to constantly help drive demand, sales and, most importantly, profits

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