The BrideStar System

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Your Bridal Selling Solution – The BrideStar System!

At Steven Vardi, Inc we hear your challenges and work to design programs that serve the needs of our independent retailers. We know the bridal industry is growing and to make selling better for you, we have launched the BrideStar system! The BrideStar system is an upscale bridal prototype selling system, offering Sterling Silver and CZ prototypes with a professional quality display.  With such benefits as reducing on-hand inventory, expanding your assortment, providing customization options, and more, the BrideStar system is a proven tool to help grow and succeed in the evolving Bridal jewelry market.

With our mission of being a resource to the independent retail jewelry community, Steven Vardi, Inc has listened to members’ feedback and launched a new and improved modular BrideStar System.  Consisting of a base package including 64 styles and a professional display, the new modular configuration allows for easier remerchandising, more flexibility, and the ability to tailor the assortment to your customer base.  For example, the Micro Pave Collection Module, consists of 8 premium styles designed for customers looking for more unique. designeresque engagement rings.

Special Offer: Net 30/60/90 Terms or 10% Discount for Purchase

Let the BrideStar System Pay for Itself!